A certificate is awarded upon the completion of each IHEI programme. A general diploma of the Institute is awarded after the completion of at least two programmes.

However, a relevant certificate will be granted to students who complete only one of the IHEI programmes.

The IHEI certificate is not considered as an equivalent to the Master´s degree.

  • Certificate of General International Studies

The programme offers an interdisciplinary study that may include politics, economics, history, geography, anthropology, law and international relations for students who have already completed at least the second year of education in relevant fields (i.e. Bachelor, Licence or equivalent title).

This course covers the essential content of the following fields:

  • History of International Relations;

  • International Politics;

  • International Economic Relations.

Applicants who have completed a full education and wish to complete their education with international interdisciplinary studies are also eligible for admission to the course.

  • Certificate of International Legal Studies

The programme offers studies in both private and public law, domestic and international law. It comprises both  general and specific courses. In addition to their general courses, students also have the opportunity to discuss legal problems and develop their professional skills in workshops and write a research paper on a topic within their specialty stream. 

This course covers the essential content of the following fields:

  • Public International Law
  • International Economic Law
  • European Law 

Students will submit a research thesis supervised by IHEI professors.

The Courses are provided by French and foreign visiting professors.

To be eligible for the programme applicants are required to possess a degree in law (e.g. JD, Bachelor or Licence) or should have completed a programme in General International Studies. To be eligible for admission foreign students are required to possess an equivalent diploma in law and complete a language test to demonstrate their language skills. 

  • Certificate of Research Studies

The Research programme is open for students who have a previous Diploma from IHEI or the Certificate in International Legal Studies. The purpose is to provide the students with an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and develop research objectives in IHEI subject studies, in particular in Public International Law.

The programme is also an opportunity for MA students in International or European Law to complete their research with further application for a PhD programme. The programme is also open for foreign students.