Application forms are available at the secretariat of the Institute from June.

Student who are awaiting the result of their exams are required to complete the application at their earliest convenience upon the receipt of the results.

Foreign students applying for one of the programmes at the Institute are not subject to the procedure of “pre-registration”.

The students who have completed their studies at private universities are required to produce either an official copy, or a certificate from the university specifying the years of study.

The students registered at the Institute will renew their registration every year and within the dates indicated above.

For each certificate, the conditions of inscription are specified in the Conditions of Access section.

The following documents should be attached to the application form:

First enrollment

  • Cover letter ;
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of the ID card or passport
  • 2 photos
  • Photocopies of relevant certificates
  • University transcripts
  • 2 envelopes stamped and indicating the address and recipient name
  • Envelope format 23 cm x 32,5 cm, not pealed open, not stamped, and without any notes


  • Personal statement explaining the interest and professional project.
  • 1 identity photo
  • 2 envelopes stamped and indicating the name and the address and an envelope format 23 cm x 32,5 cm, not pealed open, not stamped without indication of any address.

The students applying for the Certificate of Applied Research Studies should also submit a Research proposal together with the above-mentioned papers which must contain:

  • the research project,
  • two pages of statement of goals and interest of the project;
  • main academic sources.

Administrative registration

Applications are examined by a selection committee. Applicants, whose applications are retained will be invited to the Secretariat of the IHEI to proceed with administrative registration.

Tuition fees:

The tuition fees are determined according to the scale of university fees in force during the respective year plus the amount of fees for the Diploma of the University for 2015-2016 at 95 €. Students can be exempted from the payment of tuition fees pursuant to the decision of the President of the University taking into account the personal situation of the student.

The registration at the IHEI entitles to a student’s social security regime.


For the scholarship inquiries, please consult the Secretariat.

Registration for Courses

The students shall select the courses which they intend to attend from the proposed list.

Only students, who fully paid their tuition fees, can proceed with the course registration.

There is no registration for the Certificate of Applied Studies Programme.

Academic Year

The courses run from October until the spring holidays. Examination sessions take place in Spring and in Autumn. Students shall consult the Secretariat with regard to dates of the exam.

Attendance of seminars and workshops is mandatory. In case of three non-justified absences the students will not be admitted to the examination.