Founded in 1921, the Institute of Higher International Studies (French: Institut des Hautes Études Internationales, commonly referred to as the “IHEI“) has always welcomed both French and foreign academics and practitioners of international law, who have been invited to give general or specialized courses in the field of international law.

The IHEI issues three certificates: the Certificate of General International Studies, the Certificate of International Legal Studies and the Certificate of Applied Research.

The IHEI represents a leading research center of international law studies in France. The Center of IHEI conducts research on a broad range of issues in international law. This includes areas such as: the development of international investment law, international dispute resolution, law of international peace and security after the Second World War, emerging issues of sources of international law in international and internal legal orders.

The IHEI regularly organizes conferences related to contemporary issues in international law. The Center publishes many of its research projects in IHEI Courses and Researches of IHEI, in Pedone Editions, as well as in the IHEI library collection of Anthemis Publishing House.

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